2014 Emerging Photography Contender: Eugenio Grosso

For Heavily Loaded, London-based photographer Eugenio Grosso documents the transportation of used goods through the ports of Palermo. On weekends, unemployed Tunisian immigrants travel back home from Sicily, carrying massive quantities of second-hand wares atop their vehicles. 

Writes Grosso in his Artist Statement, “Since the ancient times. the populations living on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea used to move in the Mediterranean basin to sell goods. About three thousand years ago, Phoenician merchants founded the city of Palermo (Italy). 

“Since the economic crisis hit Europe, Tunisians who lost their jobs converge each Saturday at the port of Palermo to board the ferry to trade in Tunis. These exchanges bring together people and cultures. Bicycles, scooters, mattresses, pieces of furniture and stoves are piled on the roofs of old cars and transported across the sea. Along with their products those people are carrying traditions and knowledge that contribute to the ongoing creation of the Mediterranean culture.”

All images © Eugenio Grosso

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