2014 Emerging Photography Contender: Dana Stirling

In Cache, photographer Dana Stirling explores her complex childhood as a European emigrant living in Israel. For her, photography is a way of negotiating and accepting the ways in which her memories conflict with those of her parents, who grew up on a different continent and within an entirely different culture. 

Writes Stirling in her Artist Statement, “Over the years I have heard of my parent’s memories and stories. I remember hearing of snow, youth and happiness. Stories of happier days. The stories held on to the memories of time and culture that I wasn’t a part of, and portraits of family members that always remained anonymous to me.

“As I grew up I’ve started to question photography’s function as my memory, as my family heritage. I look for moments and objects were there is a tension that is created by their incomplete aesthetic. Photography allows me to look at the little and unimportant objects around me and make them a part of my history. With my camera I grant them with eternity and in that I grant myself a memory.” 

All images © Dana Stirling

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