2014 Emerging Photography Contender: Anne Paternotte

In “Streets of Insomnia,” Netherlands-based photographer Anne Paternotte gives shape and form to her struggle with insomnia by documenting her late night walks. By transforming her suffering into something beautiful, she finds ways to cope with the sleep disorder. 

Write Paternotte in her Artist Statement, “Through my sleeping disorder, I sometimes feel as if I live in a different world. Lost in thought, I experience the world as an illusion. The dreamy and almost surreal effects of this is what I try to portray in my work. These images show a poetic solitude which tells a lot about me and my experiences. To always go through life tired and with a lack of energy can make your days quite bleak sometimes, so converting it into a poetic world and to be able to put my creativity into it is very valuable to me.”

All images © Anne Paternotte

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