2014 Emerging Photography Contender: Estefany Molina

For Forever Young, New York-based photographer Estefany Molina explores the meaning of home, youth, and maturation by creating present-day portraits of people with whom she spent her girlhood in Greenport, Long Island. For each image, she invites her subjects—many of whom have since left the area and come back after a time away—to a place that still carries the weight of childhood memories. 

Writes Molina in her Artist Statement, “Instead of giving me their favorite song lyric, these people took me to places they deeply identified with: a place that holds some significance, a place that carries a memory, a raison d'être, or a recurring theme in their lives thus far. Having left and come back as well, this was a means to reacquaint myself with these kids that I've known for what seems like forever, and to discover who they all are as people in their more decisive identities. 

“Now with some experiences in their pockets, they have the critical distance to show me the places that encompass an era, a memory, or an ideal that helped shape them in a village we all consider home. These places ground each subject to something significant, revealing an inner youth despite of their new constructs. As for me, I'm still the yearbook photographer.”

All images © Estefany Molina

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