2014 Emerging Photographer Contender: David Jaewon Oh

For Combatants, Seattle-based photographer David Jaewon Oh captures the strong and often overlooked women who excel in boxing and ultimate fighting, breaking stereotypes and cutting through convention gender roles as they relate to athleticism and physical ability. 

Writes Oh in his Artist Statement, “Combat sports, which have been dominated by males represent an ultimate forum that test the strength, endurance and even bravado amongst men. For nearly the past two decades, however, there has been a rapidly increasing number of females participating combat sports.

“The Combatants series attempts to highlight female fighters by photographing them in their respective gyms where they are becoming better fighters. By photographing these fighters exclusively in an environment in which they remain as a minority, I wish to highlight these fighters in a hope to bring recognition and capture their valiant efforts to solidify their identity.”

All images © David Jaewon Oh

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