2014 Emerging Photography Contender: Nick Schietromo

A recent graduate from the New England Institute of Art, Boston-based photographer Nick Schietromo collects old photographs of domestic scenes, scans them, and then manipulates the files with binary code corruption for a digital interpretation of the past.

"Untitled (jumping rope)." Photo © Nick Schietromo.

Schietromo says of the images used for the series, "Now void of their original context and stripped of identity, these objects exist with bent corners, faded coloring and patinas offering endless narratives. The more antique images I discover, I wonder what photographs from present day would look like in the future. Will we treat the digital decay of a photograph as fondly as a well-worn print corner or a faded and stained image in a frame?"

"Untitled (boy laughing)." Photo © Nick Schietromo.

Each week, Feature Shoot editors showcase the work of two photographers who have applied to the Emerging Photography Awards in order to highlight the diverse array of applications we receive. This is not an endorsement of the photographer for the award.

All images © Nick Schietromo