2014 Emerging Photography Contender: Nick Ballon

London-based photographer Nick Ballon uses subtle, evocative imagery to explore his complex relationship with his Bolivian heritage, a country for which he feels both a profound familiarity and an undeniable remoteness. For Ezekiel 36:36, he captures a struggling Bolivian airline. 

Writes Ballon in his Artist Statement, "This series is a documentation of Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano (LAB), one of the world’s oldest surviving airlines. Founded in 1925, it has played an important role in every stage of the country’s history. Currently under threat of closure and with its downed fleet of aircraft slowly crumbling away, this airline continues to survive through the loyalty and faith of its remaining unpaid 180 staff." 

Each week, Feature Shoot editors showcase the work of one photographer who has applied to the Emerging Photography Awards in order to highlight the diverse array of applications we receive. This is not an endorsement of the photographer for the award.

All images © Nick Ballon