2014 Emerging Photography Contender: Hyounsang Yoo

Chicago-based photographer Hyounsang Yoo constructs heavily manipulated, spellbinding images that obliquely reference historical and current events. In addition to scrutinizing contemporary media, he examines the notion of individual memory and collective responses to the imagery of our time.

Says Yoo in his Artist Statement, “I look to mass media as a starting point because it provides an outline of the socio-political landscape. I take the source, which is often a specific political and historical event. I then strip it from its context, leaving only the relationships between people, in individuality and as a group, and the event […] even when manipulated, my final images are still capable of triggering the memory of the viewers. However, because historical and political context is heterogeneous in space and time, each memory response is a function of where the viewer is from and what event is being portrayed. This work thus allows me to question how political and social differences in a globalized world shape our individual memory response.”

Each week, Feature Shoot editors showcase the work of one photographer who has applied to the Emerging Photography Awards in order to highlight the diverse array of applications we receive. This is not an endorsement of the photographer for the award.

All images © Hyounsang Yoo