2015 Emerging Photography Contender: Valentina Loffredo

For Little, Hong Kong-based photographer Valentina Loffredo explores smallness, in all its physical and figurative manifestations, from being a youngster of little stature to being an adult who knows what it means to feel like one tiny, lonesome figure amongst the crowd. 

Writes Loffredo in her Artist Statement, “Through photography, I give littleness the opportunity to express itself in its different forms. Being little as a child with a great imagination or as a grown up, at times proud, at times scared, to be different. Being little all on your own and being little among other little people. From the joy of being free and all on your own, to the fear of being alone and misunderstood. From the anxiety of feeling lost, to the opportunity to find a new path. ” 

All images © Valentina Loffredo

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