2015 Emerging Photography Contender: Carli Choi

For Painting in the Dark, New York-based photographer Carli Choi illuminates her outdoor surroundings at witching hour, adding the rays of a flashlight and bursts of color to the otherwise impenetrable blackness. 

Writes Choi in her Artist Statement, “The influence for my work began with my father when I was a child and the experiences we shared. He had a strong fondness for drawing and it was through that interest that I developed a passion for painting. We would spend much of our time along the ocean, which became one of my favorite places to work. My father got me a camera, which became a substitute for painting. I started to bring my camera with me whenever I would wish to escape from the stress of life. Sometimes, I would sneak out late at night and go for a walk with a just my camera and a flashlight. I realized that the darkness of night was a canvas of its own and that the flashlight was a brush. I started to add color with it just as I would in painting. The darkness of night became a black canvas for me.”

All images © Carli Choi

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