2015 Emerging Photography Contender: Kathleen Sharp

For Prisms, Atlanta-based photographer Kathleen Sharp examines the contours and colors of glass prisms through a macro lens. From there, she prints her images and re-orders them to form new and intriguing compositions.

Writes Sharp in her Artist Statement, “My current practice involves the role of object-hood and the relationship between sculpture and photography. I photograph glass prisms manipulated by light and color, allowing these interactions to create new shapes in modular compositions. The images are then printed and arranged in the space. I employ the use of scale and repetition in order to create larger installation pieces, creating an environment for my viewers to enter. I am interested in photographic objects and they way they can alter the space that they occupy.”

“I am concerned with the role of the spectator. My viewers should have an immersive experience. The pieces should allow one to have differing views as one moves through the work. I am aiming to elevate my photographs into objects.” 

All images © Kathleen Sharp

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