Emerging Photography Contender: Anna Filipova

For Research at the End of the World, Paris-based photographer Anna Filipova documents life and landscape at Ny-Ålesund, Norway, where few souls travel and scientific research collides with the surrounding wilderness. 

Writes Filipova in her Artist Statement, “Ny-Ålesund is situated on the 79th parallel north on Svalbard archipelago, which makes it the most northerly permanent civilian settlement in the world. It houses the largest laboratory for modern Arctic research in existence. It has a very restricted access both because of the scientific projects that are conducted and the measuring instruments that are situated around the area. To come to the settlement, you have to be either a scientist working on a project with one of the stations or maintaining the infrastructure of the place. Even though there are many rules and regulations in Svalbard to protect the wildlife and preserve environment, one can see the human activity through the scientific instruments, which are gradually becoming part of the landscape.”

All images © Anna Filipova

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