Emerging Photography Contender: Brian Charles Lehrer

For Land of the Spirit, Los Angeles-based photographer Brian Charles Lehrer explores the intersections of age-old tradition and faith with modernity and innovation in Myanmar, tracing the threads that run through the nation’s sometimes tragic past and into hopeful future. 

Writes Lehrer in his Artist Statement, “These photos were taken on an eye-opening trip to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Until very recently, the country was mostly cut-off from the western world. Despite its history of oppressive government and ongoing conflict, Myanmar and its people possess an immense calm and beauty, rooted in spirituality and ancient Buddhism. You can see this three-way tug everywhere you look : between the ancient history, the past strife, and the awaiting modern future. I feel deeply grateful to have seen this place and its people on the cusp of monumental change, and I hope their country finds peace and prosperity its people deserve.”

All images © Brian Charles Lehrer

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