Emerging Photography Contender: Robert Darch

For The Moor, English photographer Robert Darch prophecies a disturbing future for mankind, where the real world disintegrates into a sinister but altogether believable dystopia.  

Writes Darch in his Artist Statement, “The Moor relies heavily on a visual narrative, occasionally referencing historical myths and mythology to give context, but depicting something altogether more ‘unknown.’ Although there are elements of storytelling within the work, its reading partly relies on the viewers understanding of contemporary culture. The sense of narrative is reinforced by the reoccurrence of specific characters, choosing to inhabit this unforgiving landscape, often appearing on edge, in peril, and distressed.”

“The realization of this dystopian future is specifically in response to the perceived uncertainty of life in the modern world. The fiction is grounded within the ‘real’ landscapes of the Moor. The work relies on using found locations, shifting between pseudo documentary and constructed photographs, constantly blurring that liminal space between fiction and reality.”

All images © Robert Darch

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