Emerging Photography Contender: Hye-Ryoung Min

For Re-membrance of the remembrance, New York City-based photographer Hye-Ryoung Min reconstructs fleeting memories long hidden from view in emotive, intimate, and mystical self-portraits. 

Writes Hye-Ryoung Min in her Artist Statement, “A desire lingered to look far back into the paths I’ve come through, and the journey of tracking back twenty years started at a hundred-year-old barn in the middle of the forest by reading over seventy diaries. On the way to my forties, I begin to realize all that which makes me who I am now: people who have stood next to me and people whom I’ve had in mind; poetry and words that consoled and remedied my wounds. Never-to-be-forgotten but kept buried and unresolved emotions, someone who won’t be able to receive my forgiveness any longer, questions that have never been spoken, and promises that I might find answered only in a different life time were flapping away with their heart and soul as if for the first time arising only to once again hide in the dusky forest, or disappear under the tree trunk, or vanish among hundreds of spider webs.”

All images © Hye-Ryoung Min

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