Emerging Photography Contender: Dieter Klein

For Forest Punk, German photographer Dieter Klein tracks down the exquisite remains of antique and vintage cars, left to rust within the overgrown wilderness and forests of Europe and the United States. 

Writes Klein in his Artist Statement, “6 years ago I discovered a 70 years old Citroen truck in a european black elder bush. More than the interest for the car itself I was struck by the impact of this extraordinary process of transformation. I was hooked. After some weeks of research I found first traces of other places. In Belgium I came across a place with about 250 cars, untouched in a little wood. This was the beginning of my story.”

“The contradiction of nature and this man-made machinery, left alone for decades in such impressive sceneries, led me to strange impressions and into a timeless mood. One picture took me to the next and it went on and on. While taking pictures, I forgot time and space. Many places are destroyed, extinguishing the cars’ possibility of staying and continuing their decay until total annihilation. To get the chance of grasping the short eternity of this amazing  scenery is my personal goal.”

All images © Dieter Klein

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