Emerging Photography Contender: Jessica Eve Rattner

For House of Charm, Berkeley-based photographer Jessica Eve Rattner tells the story of Lee, a misunderstood, aging woman who lives according to her own rules and codes of behavior.  

Writes Rattner in her Artist Statement, “Lee is a woman whose eccentricities conceal a beauty and intelligence that most people do not easily see.  Few get close enough to learn that while she is indeed eccentric, she is also intelligent, learned, charming, and self-assured.”

“At first, like others, I knew her as a shopping-cart pushing raider of recycling bins, a tatterdemailion with a foot-tall dreadlock of grey hair. I was drawn then to Lee’s colorful eccentricity, but years later it is her unusual contentment that continues to intrigue me. Without romanticizing her situation, I can't help but wonder if Lee’s contentment in the midst of astonishing squalor, and her apparent freedom from society’s expectations, point to some secret the rest of us are missing.”

All images © Jessica Eve Rattner

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