Emerging Photography Contender: Mitch Cullin

Los Angeles-based photographer Mitch Cullin cuts beneath the superficial veneer of the world to the psychological, ineffable threads that make up the human experience 

Writes Cullin in his Artist Statement, “A photograph is a fragment drawn from reality, as well as an abstraction of a moment that was once actual, like a footprint on the edge of a beach in which the rising tide soon removes it altogether from the world. Many of my pictures show faceless individuals seen only from behind, which is a deliberate attempt to put the viewer into the physical space of the photograph.”

“Collecting old photographs picked from flea-market boxes has impressed me with the ephemeral quality of images, especially those which depict holidays, marriages, and childhood without any identifying references; I find these to be metaphors for all forms of photography in general, where once treasured images are quick to pass into forgotten history.”

All images © Mitch Cullin

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