Emerging Photography Contender: Emanuela Colombo

Italian photographer Emanuela Colombo takes portraits of the diverse chickens bred throughout Europe for their looks and ability to compete with other chickens in several aesthetic categories. 

Writes Colombo in her Artist Statement, “You can find thousands of non-professional poultry farmers of ornamental breeds of chicken all around Europe.  For fun, they grow precise criteria. Each variety of chicken has its own shape, plumage, color or way of walking. Poultry farmers seek these specificities, and in doing this, they bring back poultry that disappeared when human beings began to grow one single kind of chicken that grows fast and that is economically convenient. Probably if it were not for those non-professional poultry farmers, many of these chickens races would be extinct and the genes lost. Poultry farmers compete in competitions in which each animal is judged by how it responds to precise parameters, different for each race: posture, size and shape, but also design and color of the plumage.”

All images © Emanuela Colombo

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