Emerging Photography Contender: Mariya Kozhanova

For Declared Detachment, Russian photographer Mariya Kozhanova documents the phenomenon by which her country’s youth adopt and celebrate Japanese cosplay culture as a way of establishing new identities. 

Writes Mariya in her Artist Statement, “The series represents a generation of Russians which was born in times when well organized society and established identity fell apart. All myths and beliefs that were the driving force for generations before were destroyed. Children came into our time absolutely ideologically naked. ”

“Some of them declared their way through Japanese mass-culture of ‘cosplay,’ where in a simple, catchy, bright, spectacular, superficial world of anime heroes with attractive idols and colorful looks, you could become any of those figures yourself. This generation escaped into a different ideology and tried to build their illusive world on the ruins of the past. But are their beliefs true enough for a new establishment or just a temporary detachment from troubles and imperfections of everyday’s life?”

All images © Mariya Kozhanova

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