Emerging Photography Contender: Chris Grodotzki

For The Silence of the Lambs, Berlin-based photographer Chris Grodotzki documents the tragic consequences of corporate nuclear activity on Mongolian nomadic communities and the animals on which their lives depend. 

Writes Grodotzki in his Artist Statement, “Something is rotten in Dornogovi. The nomadic people of the Mongolian desert province are worried about mysterious diseases in their livestock, contaminated water, and toxic dust. 

“The French nuclear company Areva has pitched its camp in the region and started testing an experimental method to extract uranium from deep below the desert ground. Ever since the local nomads are stricken with health issues and enigmatic stillbirths and mutations among their animals. Areva claims they have nothing to do with it but nomads and independent local scientists don’t believe in coincidence. ”

All images © Chris Grodotzki. These photos are part of an investigative multimedia reportage by Ruben Neugebauer (research), Gustav Pursche (programming) and Chris Grodotzki. They where first published independently by the jib collective in collaboration with Greenpeace Magazine in June 2015.

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