Emerging Photography Contender: Meera Sulaiman

For Whispers Of Animals and Children, Ontario-based photographer Meera Sulaiman explores the ambiguous, special, and poignant bond that ties young people with once-wild animals living their out their lives in captivity. 

Writes Sulaiman in her Artist Statement, “I see the connection between humans and animals is one of the most fundamental, but sometimes invisible, bonds that human beings experience. This series is inspired by my fascination in trying to understand this special, yet little understood relationship between children and animals in confinement.

“Every time I press my shutter, I ponder on the mysteries of this relationship. In a way, are these kids perhaps peeking into their future as adults, when their minds and thoughts will be held captive to society. In contrast, are the animals looking out from the bars, urging them to perhaps look in, and make a difference in the well-being of their lives. Children seem to have a magical affinity with animals, and I see parallels in their worlds.”

All images © Meera Sulaiman

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