Bermudan photographer Nicola Muirhead is a documentary photographer who recently graduated from the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography programme at the London College of Communication. Trellick Tower, a 322-foot shield of high-rise council flats, stands in the midst of one of London's wealthiest boroughs, and has avoided the fate of demolition. In Brutal Presence documents the lives of 9 long-term residents in the tower, and the impact of gentrification of the communities to which they belong.

Prizes for the 3rd Annual Emerging Photography Awards include gallery exhibitions at United Photo Industries (Brooklyn), ArtBridge (NYC) and HeadOn Festival (Sydney), $$$$, representation opportunities with Susan Spiritus Gallery (LA) andnineteensixtyeight (London), exposure, camera bags and more!  Deadline is February 16, 2017.